Boring Baths and Kruddy Kitchens in Belleville, NJ?

Bored beyond belief with your banal, bilious bathrooms? Tired of toiletries trashing your counters because you have no space? Kinda crazy with the condition of your kitchen? Tired of treading aimlessly trying to find things? Really ready to remodel!

Scared to start?

Alliteration aside, with all the remodeling disasters on television, not to mention listening to coworkers who are lamenting letting their sister’s-husband’s-second-cousin’s-brother remodel their kitchen for 18 months, how can you make sure these things don’t happen to you? If you live in the Belleville, NJ area, you’re in luck because you are near My House Kitchen. What about your bathrooms? My House Kitchen, with locations in both Union and Paramus, NJ, are your kitchen and bath specialists.

Does remodeling mean vacation cancellation?

It doesn’t have to. The experts at My House Kitchen will do all they can to make the process as quick as you’d like with the least amount of pressure, both time pressure as well as financial pressure.

If you check out the My House Kitchen website at, you’ll see a Visualize your kitchen & more tab. This tab will give you drop-downs to look at all the finishes available, and check out how they look with each other (i.e. how the cabinets you like look with the countertop you want and the floor tiles you select), giving you a feel for what you might like to see in your remodel. It’s a good idea to try out different combinations: quartz countertops might look very different from granite countertops with the cabinets you want. You have the option to email, save or print your choices. If you have no idea what you might like, click on the Kitchen Cabinets or Bath tabs where you’ll find numerous pictures to give you ideas, then head back to Visualize your kitchen & more.

Once you have some ideas of what you might like, measure your spaces and come in to one of their showrooms to meet with a kitchen designer, who will work with you to provide a free estimate and 3D rendering of your new spaces.

My House Kitchen has the most competitive prices around.

They offer semi-custom and custom kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and bathroom vanities in solid wood plywood boxes with a selection of solid wood frames and doors. Wholesale pricing is available on all cabinets to New Jersey and New York homeowners, builders and contractors. As an added incentive, when you purchase your cabinets and countertops from My House Kitchen, they provide hardware and an undermount stainless steel sink at no charge. Should you wish to hold off on laying out the cash right away, My House Kitchen offers interest-free financing for six months.

Inept at Installation?

If you’re inept at installation – or just don’t have the inclination – My House Kitchen will put you in touch with non-affiliated, licensed, and insured installers so you know you’ll have someone you can trust.

Let My House Kitchen take your kitchen and baths from banal to beautiful!

 Contact us if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to get a Free 3D Design & Quote.

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