Berkeley Heights Kitchen And Bath Renovation Tips

Kitchen and bath renovation can be a very daunting job – from the planning stages, to visiting a reliable website for ideas, to checking on custom kitchen cabinets, and up to the time your hand-picked cabinets are sent to your house and installed. To help you further, here are few tips to assist you kick off your project.

Tips to kick off your project

Assess your space

First, you need to assess your current kitchen or bathroom space and clarify your reasons for renovation. Is it the changing the overall look of your space, are you looking for renovation to make it more functional, make additional storage spaces to help you better organize kitchen and bath stuffs, or add value to your house? Knowing the objectives will let you be more informed about kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

It is highly recommended that you take photos of your current bathroom and kitchen to show your dealer, for better advice and recommendations. This is also best to take as a reference after renovation is completed, before and after photos are always fun to compare.

Create a checklist

A checklist will help you weigh your priorities and ensure that all important matters will be considered. This is important before visiting My House Kitchen in Berkeley Heights, NJ. Knowing what storage solutions you are planning to create or the design you want on your bath and kitchen is important.

Having a checklist will let you facilitate the entire planning process together with your hired designer.

Make a file

Put all your ideas in a file. It can be a photo you have torn from your favorite magazine or a beautiful photo of a kitchen or bath you see on Pinterest. Take note of all the reasons why these designs attracted you.

The files you compile can be used as your reference when you start to describe the ideas and result you have in your head to your designer.

Know your budget

The budget is crucial in making your vision a reality. You have to know your budget and this should be discussed with your designer and dealer. Typically, for a bath and kitchen renovation, 40% of your budget will go to the cabinets, 25% to labor and 12% to countertops. But different options, like quartz countertops versus granite countertops, might require an budget adjustment. Upgraded bathroom vanities will cost extra, too.. A few other items included on your budget are lighting, wall coverings, electrical work and appliances.

Visit My House Kitchen near Berkeley Heights, NJ.

Other than going to one website after another to check on different design ideas, visiting My House Kitchen to look at cabinetry displays/ideas for yourself and to speak directly to a bath and kitchen designer is a must.

Once everything had been discussed and agreed on, from fabrics, flooring, wall colors, and cabinets, to budgeting, timelines and all other items, you are good and ready to start with your renovation.

 Contact us if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to get a Free 3D Design & Quote.

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