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Trendy in Home Design? Or Not.  Ideas are Still Good

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation in Chestnut Ridge, NY

Are you one in a crowd who follows the leader? Or are you the leader? Regardless of either, it is still a good idea to know which ideas set the stage and steal the scenes in the story of your home life. We at My House Kitchen can help you with knowing which kitchen cabinets and countertops, bathroom cabinets and bathroom vanities, and colors pop in your neck of the woods.

Regardless of your purpose behind the update, new kitchen and bath renovation gives numerous advantages to you that you may not know. These advantages to you are part of the reason we do what we do here at My House Kitchen. We love to help you:

  • Boost your home’s fair market value
  • Strengthen its usefulness
  • Introduce more space OR
  • Shrink your space
  • Inject new (or old) style into your space
  • Maximize solace and security
  • Soothe, titillate or out and out fulfill your sense of being and living.

What’s hot in kitchen patterns?

An old-fashioned and continuing trend in kitchen cupboards is shaker style kitchen cabinets and doors. Twenty percent of builders’ sales these days (generally speaking) include this type of cabinetry. Shaker-style cupboards offer practical and reasonable styling in a customary outline with one-shading matte completions. Whether Oprah started this trend years ago, and the general public continues it, we are not sure. But their popularity is undeniable.

Buy an Island?

If you never thought you could buy an island, we are here to tell you a different story. If space allows, the current pattern in custom kitchen cupboards is the two-island kitchen. Many islands incorporate a breakfast bar with seating, which is nice, because you quickly grab your breakfast, lunch or even just coffee without using your dining room.

The Golden Rule

Gold accents are a kitchen cupboard trend. We foresee the spinoff on this pattern will be to combine it with tans, blacks and natural-finished materials for a warm and welcoming feel to your kitchen.

Be Cool with Blue

The cool color of blue is new. Blue shades in cabinetry work to adjust the vibe of cooking in a “hot” kitchen. For a few, it offers the vibe of sitting outside under a clear blue sky.

Making Big Use of Small Space

Successful space-sparing kitchen cupboards are an undeniable pattern nowadays. For little kitchens, innovative new separating procedures mean the world. These can be fun (and handy) also!

Quartz Rocks!

Quartz countertops still rule. These now arrive in an extensive variety of hues, stone examples, sometimes with whirls and intricate veining. Give thanks to innovation. Quartz countertops are enormously mainstream.

Granite Countertops Still Solid

Granite countertops continue to be the work surface by which all others measure themselves. We can help you immediately change an unremarkable old kitchen into something sublime by introducing solid granite countertops.

Smartphones abound … But Smart Kitchens? Smart Bathrooms?

Let us talk about innovation with shrewd fixtures, brilliant iceboxes, and keen lighting. These are the ingredients of a savvy kitchen. Sensors and different bits of innovation are incorporated into each piece. Ask us how you can be informed if your eggs are turning or on the off chance that you are running low on staple things, all with your keen kitchen.

The Steam-Up in Restrooms Nowadays?

Bathroom cabinets and bathroom vanities resemble the cabinets, sinks and appliances in the kitchen, particularly with what we call the smart bathroom. Believe it or not, innovation has assumed control, making washrooms more sterile than any time in recent memory. We barely require contact with anything now, which keeps the spread of germs at bay.

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