Open Your Mind’s Eye to New Trends in Kitchen and Bath Design

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation in Emerson, NJ

Opening your mind’s eye to remodeling your kitchen and/or bathroom – no matter your reason for the upgrade – provides many benefits to you that you may not realize. These benefits to you are part of the reason we do what we do here at My House Kitchen. We enjoy helping the residents of Emerson, NJ:

·   Boost your home’s value

·   Strengthen its functionality

·   Introduce more space OR

·   Shrink your space

·   Inject new (or old) style to your space

·   Maximize comfort and safety

·   Soothe, titillate or just plain satisfy your inner and outer eyes

What’s hot in kitchen trends?

An old and continuing trend in kitchen cabinets is shaker style doors. Over the last few years, an almost 20% increase in the use of these has fueled our design strategies. Shaker-style cabinets offer distinctive and practical styling in a traditional design with one-color matte finishes.

No wo(man) may be an island, but s(he) can certainly have one (or two) in her kitchen. A newer trend in custom kitchen cabinets is the two-island kitchen. Most current islands include breakfast bar or banquet seating attached. This way, diners may dine in the beautiful new kitchen area.

Gold accents are a kitchen cabinet trend. We predict the spinoff on this trend will be to pair it with browns, blacks and organic textured materials for a warm and inviting feel to the kitchen environment.

On the backside, cool blue is new. The cool blue hues in cabinetry coloring work to balance the feel of cooking in a “hot” kitchen. For some, it offers the feel of “the sky’s the limit.”

Effective space-saving kitchen cabinets are a full-fledged trend these days. For smaller kitchens, creative new spacing techniques mean everything. These can be fun (and practical) as well!

Quartz countertops are still queen. These now come in a wide range of colors, stone patterns, and swirls and veining. Thank technology! Quartz countertops are tremendously popular.

Granite countertops are still the work surface by which all others measure themselves. We can help you instantly transform a mundane old kitchen into something marvelous by installing granite countertops.

Speaking of technology, smart faucets, smart refrigerators, and smart lighting equal a smart kitchen. Sensors and other bits of technology are built into every piece. Ask us how you can be notified if your eggs are going bad or if you are running low on grocery items, all with your smart kitchen.

What’s steaming up bathrooms these days?

Bathroom cabinets and bathroom vanities follow the same trends as in the kitchen, especially with what we call the smart bathroom. That’s right, technology has taken over, making bathrooms more sanitary than ever. We hardly need touch anything these days, which prevents the spread of germs.

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