Kitchen Cabinets in Ho-ho-kus, NJ

Sounds Like It’s Time!

Remember when you wanted to bake cookies with your nieces last Christmas? But it didn’t work out because only one person can be in your kitchen at a time.

Or how about when you tried to open that drawer by the sink and the whole front came off?  Then when you glued it back on, you glued it to the cabinet so now you have NO idea what’s in there.

And then there’s the fact that two cabinet doors are missing, the counter has burn marks, and the finish has worn off the sink-front cabinet.

Sounds like it’s time…for a kitchen redesign!

Serving the Ho-ho-kus, New Jersey area is My House Kitchen with showrooms in both Union and Paramus, New Jersey.  The professional team at My House Kitchen is your expert resource for kitchen and bath design renovations.

My House Kitchen offers high quality, competitively priced finishes for your remodel, including kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, marble, quartz or granite countertops, and tile for floors and walls.  On the My House Kitchen website,, we have tools that will show you all of the finishes we offer.  You can combine the finishes and see how they look in an entire kitchen before you buy. This is particularly effective if you have a household with diverse tastes. In the comfort of your home, you can all see how the finish combinations would look together and work through to two or three choices everyone can enjoy. After you use the visualizer to take a look at the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and natural stone and quartz countertop choices, you can also use it to check out different wall and floor tiles.

The designers at My House Kitchen will show you those finishes in person, then sit down with you and design your space to maximize both design and functionality.  Instead of a 60” x 42” table and four chairs in the middle of your small kitchen space, a 60” x 36” peninsula added to one end or a 60 x 36” island with seating may open up the space in your room. Your designer may suggest you maximize your kitchen traffic flow by using 12” deep wall cabinets as your base; with the 12” knee overhang, this will gain 18” of width in your walkway!

Our wholesale cabinet prices offered to all New Jersey and New York builders, contractors and homeowners for both semi-custom and custom kitchen cabinets solid wood cabinets can’t be beat.  You’ll be able to select from oak, birch, walnut, maple, and birch solid wood doors and frames on plywood boxes.  And if you buy your cabinets and countertops from My House Kitchen, we provide hardware and an undermount stainless sink at no charge.  As an added feature for our customers, we will provide you with a free estimate and 3D rendering; we also have six months financing with no interest.

Let My House Kitchen help you with your kitchen and bath remodels or renovations, it may be the only way you’ll find out what’s in that drawer you glued shut!

 Contact us if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to get a Free 3D Design & Quote.

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