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Unlimited Creative World

Designing creative spaces in Kaser, NY

Have you ever had a blank slate and just could not wait for the chance to show your artistic side to design? Well Kaser, NY is the blank slate. This village has so much to offer in the area of architecture. With the booming population, there is a huge need for more housing. Having the opportunity to build is an expression of yourself. At My House Kitchen, we will be the driving force on your journey to expression

Why Build?

As stated above, building your own home can be a creative process. Your home will be an expression of you, your history, and your legacy. It is a blank canvas. This canvas is a once in a lifetime chance. Choosing to build is a choice to show the world what you are about.

Creativity in the Kitchen

Once the blueprints are drawn and approved, then the fun begins. Most often the design of the kitchen is where we begin. My House Kitchen is the company to turn to help with each and every decision made. Of these decisions, the kitchen cabinets and countertops will be at the top of the list. Everything else will tie into these two choices.

Kitchen cabinets are the largest items in the room. They are the focal point! My House Kitchen has an unlimited number of options to choose from. Whatever your style is, we can help bring it to life. We even offer custom kitchen cabinets! Whether you want sleek and modern or rustic and country, we can design those perfect kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen countertops are another huge focal point in the room. You will want a material used that is not only beautiful to look at but will be durable throughout time. Since the kitchen is a heavily used room, having countertops that can withstand the action is important.

Creativity in the Bathroom

Your bathroom(s) will be seen by not only you but your future guests. Having bathroom cabinets that are functional and eye appealing is important. Bathroom vanities will be the final touch to the room, the first and last piece seen. My House Kitchen will provide you with many options and a wonderful visual tool. Now you can see what it will look like before it gets installed!

Creative Options

To get the creative juices flowing, let’s take a look at a couple options offered by My House Kitchen.

  • Quartz Countertops — can be used in the kitchen and bath. Usually less expensive than granite and can be designed in many colors and patterns.
  • Granite Countertops — long-lasting and durable. Also, can be used in kitchen and bath. For a little more money you get a seamless look in a variety of patterns and colors.

 Contact us if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to get a Free 3D Design & Quote.

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