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Get a Head Start

Get a jumpstart on the competition with a kitchen and bath renovation in Monsey, NY

The real estate market can be brutal. There can be a lot of competition coming from brokers and more than one client wanting the same house. In Monsey, NY this is the case. There is a high demand for housing as this little village continues to grow. This conundrum is leading people to either build or buy homes that may need a little love. Let’s take a look at these two issues and see how you can get a head start on your new home in Monsey, NY.

Building Your Dream Home

When making a move to a place like Monsey, NY you are choosing a place you will not want to leave. This village has all the amenities with a small town feel. Building a home in Monsey may be the best decision due to the inventory of homes for sale being low. Of course this gives you freedom to choose the design and size of your home. Other aspects to consider when building your home are the design features. At My House Kitchen we can help with all your decisions, making your move and build a stress-free time. Some of the amenities we offer are:

  • Kitchen and bath cabinets
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Quartz countertops
  • Granite countertops

All these options come with great ideas for color and patterns. We at My House Kitchen offer a great online tool that can actually show you what your design will look like. How great to see the finished product before you even start. Talk about a stress reliever!

Handing Out a Little TLC

If you are not able to build, there is another option. Sometimes you can find that great little house or condo that just needs some love. You may not have a blank slate to work with, but you can use your own creativity to design the space you will call home. In these cases, all you may need is an improvement in the kitchen and bath. The kitchen and bath are important rooms you and future guests will see and use. With new bathroom cabinets and a bathroom vanity, this room could be stunning.

In the kitchen, adding a beautiful quartz countertop could add a lot. Granite countertops are another wonderful option because of their durability and seamless elegance. Custom kitchen cabinets can bring out the history of a home as well as the personality of the family living within. At My Home Kitchen, our dedicated team will help you to revive the joy in your newly personalized home.

What’s Next!

It is a competitive world we live in, so get a head start on the home of your dreams by calling My House Kitchen today!

 Contact us if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to get a Free 3D Design & Quote.

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