Kitchen Renovation in Oradell NJ

My bath is a bummer,

My kitchen’s a mess

I’m ready for a re-do,

I must confess.

Hubby said it’s fine

but he can’t help

It’s up to me

all by myself!

We all find ourselves in the position of being given projects that we really know nothing about.  There are several options for how we can start.

·  Spend days, and even weeks, researching all the ins and outs of kitchen and bath remodeling

·  Spend twenty percent of our remodel budget to hire a General Contractor (of course, that means twenty percent less to spend on those granite countertops….)

·  Call all family, friends, and neighbors and beg for referrals

·  Head to the experts at My House Kitchen for help

Who is My House Kitchen?  My House Kitchen is Oradell, New Jersey’s professional resource for kitchen and bath remodeling.  With convenient showroom locations in both Union and Paramus, New Jersey, My House Kitchen’s designers can help you with everything.

My House Kitchen has a huge offering of quality finish choices for your kitchen and bath remodels.  Each of their semi-custom and custom kitchen cabinets is completely constructed of wood, with solid wood doors and frames and plywood boxes. You will also be able to select cabinets in your choice of hardwoods, including cherry, walnut, oak, birch or maple.

In fact, before you head in to their showroom, we recommend you head to the My House Kitchen website at They have over forty pictures of kitchens alone to give you ideas!  Take a look at the colors, arrangements of the appliances, and the patterns of the finishes.  Then take a look at the Visualize your Kitchen & More tab, where you’ll find drop-downs for creating your own kitchen and bath designs!  You’ll be able to see the finishes for the kitchen cabinets; the dozens of selections of natural stone marble and granite countertops, as well as the extensive selection of quartz countertops; and don’t overlook the grand display of backsplash and floor tiles. 

Bathroom Cabinets in Oradell NJ

And don’t forget your baths! There’s a special drop-down for bathroom vanities, where you can see how your choice of bathroom cabinets, countertops, floor tiles, and wall tiles will all look together.  And in both the kitchen and bath design tabs, notice that you can save your favorite designs and even email and print them off!

And My House Kitchen doesn’t let you down at the practical level.  They offer all New Jersey and New York homeowners, contractors, and builders wholesale cabinet prices; free hardware and a stainless steel undermount sink when you buy both your cabinets and hardware from them; and they offer financing for six months with no interest.

If you bring your dimensions to the showroom with you, when you meet with their designer they will let you view the displays, answer any questions you may have, then sit down with you and talk through your dreams for your new spaces. They will take that information, along with your budget and selections, and create a free estimate and 3D diagram of your choices.  You’ll even be able to do a virtual walk-through of your new kitchen!

My House Kitchen can also refer you to licensed and insured subcontractors that are not affiliated with them. That means they don’t have a financial stake in your choices, but trust the experts they are referring to you.

Let the team at My House Kitchen be your support system through this process. You’ll be in charge but you won’t have to do this alone!

 Contact us if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to get a Free 3D Design & Quote.

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