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In close proximity to Saddle River, New Jersey, My House Kitchen has showrooms in Paramus and Union, New Jersey.  You’ll find we have a broad range of kitchen and bath cabinets, countertops, wall and floor tiles.

Form & Function

Your designer at My House Kitchen will guide you around the showroom so you can see and touch all the options. We will then sit down with you and discuss what you envision for your kitchen and bath.  Are you going to move appliances or a wall?  Will you be undertaking a stud-to-stud renovation?  Will you be just replacing counters? Are you a baker or a savory food maker?  Do you need more drawers?  We need to understand the scope of the project so we can best offer suggestions.

Fashion & Flair

The multitude of finish options at My House Kitchen should allow anyone’s remodel to reflect their personal fashion and flair.  You can literally Visualize your Kitchen  & More at the My House Kitchen website,  With the Visualize tab, you can truly explore your flair.  You will have access to every variety of kitchen and bath finish we sell.  You can select your favorite quartz, marble or granite countertops (after you look at each one of course!), and put them with your ideal custom kitchen cabinets.  If you look at the choices and feel overwhelmed, hop over to the Kitchen Cabinets tab and browse through over forty pictures of kitchens to narrow down your ideas.  When you head back to the Visualize drop down, don’t forget to take a look at the bathroom vanities.  You can also pair your favorite granite, marble or quartz countertops with your bathroom cabinets of choice, and add some floor and wall tiles (don’t forget to play with the design insets) to really let your guests see how fashion-forward you are.

You’ll Find it All There!

My House Kitchen doesn’t let you down when it comes to quality and budget. We offer stone countertops in quartz, marble or granite, at very competitive pricing.  The semi-custom and custom kitchen cabinets are all wood – no particleboard or MDF.  The boxes are plywood, with solid wood doors and frames in your choice of cherry, walnut, oak, birch, or maple.  And if you purchase your cabinets and countertops from us, we will give you free cabinet hardware and an undermount stainless steel sink at no charge!  When our designers work with you, we then provide you with a free estimate and 3D rendering of your choices.  Not only will you see how fashionable your selections are, you’ll be able to do a virtual tour of your updated kitchen so you can verify you’ve included all the form and function you need.

As added bonuses, My House Kitchen makes available no-interest, six month financing. We also sell our cabinets at wholesale prices, not only to contractors and builders in the New Jersey and New York areas, but to homeowners as well.  Let My House Kitchen help form your plans for a more fashionable future kitchen and bath.

 Contact us if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to get a Free 3D Design & Quote.

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