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Baker Begging for Better Kitchen

You take a look at your kitchen with frustration.  The house you bought has the open concept, but it doesn’t meet the needs of your cottage baking business.  You bake from home several days a week and sell at farmer’s markets.  You know you need more counter space for sure.  You also need more shelf storage for special molds, pans, and decorating accessories – both really deep like 24” for those professional baking sheets, and shallow shelves for the silicone molds as well as the decorating sugars, fondant, pearls, etc.  And don’t forget the extra drawer space for tools and your dozens of potholders you use each time you bake.

You’re really fortunate if you live in Spring Valley, NY, because you are close to a My House Kitchen showroom with locations in Union and Paramus, NJ.  The My House Kitchen teams are your kitchen and bathroom renovation specialists.

How to get started

You can first take a look at pictures of more than forty kitchens on the My House Kitchen website, at  You know you don’t want to close your kitchen in, so look for ideas as to where you could add additional kitchen cabinets and quartz countertops or natural stone such as marble or granite countertops.  And don’t be afraid to choose contrasting cabinets and countertops that aren’t identical to what you have at home.  Take this opportunity to not only add function, but upgrade the fashion of the space as well.

Then head over to one of the My House Kitchen showrooms to meet with a kitchen and bathroom designer.  Bring the dimensions of your current cabinet configuration as well as the area available to add extra storage and countertops.  Be prepared to explain to the designer your specific requests.  They are there to help you insure any changes address all your needs.

Once you’ve settled on a layout, your designer will show you the available finishes.  If you want to match what you have, you may want to bring an existing drawer with you.  We would also recommend you bring in pictures of your existing finishes; with all the choices, it may be hard to remember what you already have at home!

Kitchen Cabinets

My House Kitchen sells all wood, semi-custom and custom bathroom and kitchen cabinets at wholesale prices to New York and New Jersey homeowners, contractors and builders.  Each box is plywood and you get to select the solid hardwood frames and doors from cherry, birch, maple, oak or walnut in a number of finishes.   And should you purchase both countertops and cabinets from My House Kitchen, they provide an undermount stainless steel and hardware at no charge.

While you’re there, head over to the bathroom vanities on display.  You may decide to upgrade bathroom cabinets or countertops, or maybe just add some decorative floor tiles.

Whether you are looking to supplement your current kitchen or fully remodel your kitchen and bathroom, My House Kitchen is your go-to resource in the Spring Valley, NY area.

 Contact us if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to get a Free 3D Design & Quote.

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