Hottest (or Coolest) Trends in Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation in Waldwick, NJ

No matter whether you are a trendsetter or a trend follower, this article will help you decide how to converge your mind’s eye with your outer eye to satisfy the feelings you seek to evoke in your home, both for yourself and your visitors. We here at My House Kitchen love to help the residents in the Borough of Waldwick, NJ, a.k.a. “Light in the Woods,” shine their own lights on their individual worlds of design.

Why Redesign?

We help you redesign your kitchen and bath to:

·   Boost the value of your home

·   Strengthen functionality

·   Introduce space you never knew you had

·   Shrink unused space

·   Give you more of a sense of style

·   Make you comfortable and safe

·   Please your sense of ambiance in your environment

Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Granite Countertops, Quartz Countertops and More

·   Shaker style kitchen cabinets are an enduring trend that is both practical and distinctive. One-color matte finishes rule this traditional design.

·   Gold detailing on brown, black and organic textured kitchen cabinets are new to warmer kitchen renovation styles of the 22nd century.

·   Cool blue is the new hue in kitchen cabinetry. The blue kitchen trend gives a balanced feel to the hotspot of the house.

·   Space-saving kitchen and bath cabinets are always the rage. Any time one can make more out of less, it is always a magical (and practical) experience.

·   Two-island kitchens are a trend these days. More diners are eating in their kitchens at the islands, where breakfast bars and banquets are now attached.

·   Quartz countertops are more popular than ever. With more new colors and designs, thanks to technological advances, these countertops are the go-to design for many re-designers.

·   Granite countertops remain the kitchen working surface to which all others compare. They are, simply put, majestic.

·   Smart kitchens. It’s not only about fancy appliances anymore. It’s about smart faucets that turn on by themselves with sensors. It’s about smart refrigerators and smart lighting powered by new technological advances. Technology can now tell you whether your eggs are about to spoil or whether you are running low on any grocery items.

What about Bathroom Cabinets and Bathroom Vanities?

Smart bathrooms, like smart kitchens, are becoming more trendy and popular. When it comes to health and safety, our money is on the simple fact that smart bathrooms are indeed more sanitary and they make us less sick. Technology has been amazing throughout the years. The time is now to use this technology to its fullest.

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