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Our showroom has kitchen and bath products galore:

Looking to raise your property value before selling a house? Sick and tired of old, outdated kitchen and bath décor? Wanting to get a home facelift? It’s time to turn old into new. Start with the My House Kitchen showroom in Paramus, a short distance from Woodcliff Lake, NJ. We have highly trained experts ready to start an affordable project to make those wishes come true.

Making choices to fit the house:

My House Kitchen is located online at where you can look at some of the fantastic project choices. Use the online visualizer to see the many options available. With the visualizer, it’s easy to bring up different views of both kitchen and bath décor to see our selection of cabinets. We have choices for kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets that can really improve the high-traffic areas of the house.

Make an impression for guests and friends:

It’s difficult to be proud of a home that has an old, beaten-up kitchen and bath. These areas of the house need to be a part of the home that livens up whoever comes in. We’re ready and waiting to get on board to upgrading your property value. Changing the way that rooms are situated helps to give wider room to navigate, and upgrading kitchen cabinets removes clutter. Repairing old fixtures also helps clear up aggravating issues caused by old and badly-planned rooms.

Be excited!

There are a number of choices available for bathroom vanities and tile. Here are a few examples of bathroom tile:

  • Quartz countertops
  • Granite countertops
  • Marble countertops

There are over twenty styles of tile to choose that give the perfect character to any room. There are also more than fifteen backsplash choices, ranging from bubble glass tiles to roca glass tiles. With so many choices, the opportunity to find the perfect look is simple.

Find the perfect choice for high-quality brands:

We have fantastic options that open up new doors for custom design ideas that include bathroom vanities and custom kitchen cabinets. Vanity styles come in either traditional or modern, which can be seen on the visualizer. For kitchen cabinets, we have a wide assortment of choices, including:

  • Cherry
  • Birch
  • Walnut

There are also oak doors and frames to choose from as well. Make the most of your options by going online or to a showroom near you and let us help you make a decision on the affordable products offered. My House Kitchen can be contacted by phone at #201-962-9000, or on the website Our showroom is located in at 492 NJ-17, Paramus NJ, 07652, less than seven miles away from Woodcliff Lake, NJ.

The right way to upgrade your home is waiting! Take that first step toward a happy home.

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