5 Things to Consider When Renovating

Kitchen and bath renovation in Irvington, NJ

Irvington, NJ is a town rich in history. Because of the history and atmosphere of Irvington, NJ, there are a few things to consider when making home renovation decisions. In this article we will discuss five things to have in mind when you make the decision to invest in new cabinets for your home.

Look at the Architecture of Your Home

The architecture of your home, especially of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, is important. Architecture can help you decide what you can and cannot do. Use your architecture to your advantage. Let it show you how to maximize your space and help create that luxurious room you will want to spend all your time in. A tip for looking at the architecture of your home is to have an expert come out and walk through this process with you. Most of the time there is a free estimate and demo you can take advantage of.

How Will You Be Using Your Space

This is something that has to be nailed down. Have a clear understanding of what you intend to do with your space. Are you going to be hosting parties? Will meals for your family be prepared and eaten in the kitchen? Do you plan on using your bath space for relaxation as well as bathing? Custom kitchen cabinets can help you make the best use of your available spaces.

Think About Functionality

Do you need more cabinet space? Or perhaps updated bathroom vanities are in order? What will you be storing in your kitchen and bath cabinets? What are your habits and desires for your space? These questions should be considered when choosing the cabinets for your kitchen and bath. We all have desires, but we have to think about what we really need. Think about how your kitchen and bath cabinets will function in your everyday life.

What is Your Style?

Your style includes the architecture of home as well as how you represent yourself. When installing kitchen and bath cabinets, you need to know what you want to represent about yourself to others. Another thing to consider is countertops. The cabinets and countertops in your kitchen and bath are what visitors are going to see first. Consider going with an upgraded countertop to accent your cabinets: quartz countertops and granite countertops are both modern and aesthetically appealing. The cabinets and countertops you choose set the tone. Make sure your cabinets and countertops match your style home you have as well as who you are.

Choose Color Wisely

Choosing your color will depend upon the size of your space. If you have a small space, you may want to stick with medium to light colors. This will make it feel open and bigger. Larger spaces can handle medium to dark colors. Another thought on color is if your home has wood throughout the other rooms, you may want to choose the same wood color for kitchen and bath. If you really don’t want to have wood, choose another wood or color that contrasts well with other existing rooms.

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