6 Overlooked Benefits of Kitchen and Bath Renovation in Kenilworth NJ

There are many benefits to upgrading and updating your kitchen and bath. While some may think that updating these rooms is simply an appeal to aesthetics, there are more benefits to renovation that go beyond style or visual appeal. These benefits include improvements to function, energy use, sustainability, modernization, comfort, and value. At My House Kitchen, we understand all of the reasons that a renovation is the right choice and work with our clients to make them fit each one of their needs.

Benefit 1: Improve function

There are many things you can do to maximize the functionality of your kitchen and your bathrooms through renovation. For example, adding new custom kitchen cabinets or extending bathroom cabinets that already exist can give you extra storage space for your necessities. Simple upgrades on lighting fixtures or appliances can also improve the overall functionality of these two important features of a house.

Benefit 2: Minimize energy costs and consumption

Upgrading older appliances and fixtures to newer models that are designed to be more energy-efficient can help reduce energy costs and consumption. Consider appliances that have Energy Star labels, as these labels are an indication that they exceed or meet the standards set by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) in terms of energy efficiency.

Switching out old light fixtures for newer LED models can also have a big effect on energy consumption and cost; traditional lights may be using up surprising amounts of unnecessary energy, so changing them can be a cost-saving strategy in the long run.

Benefit 3: Improve sustainability

Upgrading kitchen and bathroom appliances to models that are more energy efficient can make them eco-friendly, yet that is not the only way to create a more sustainable kitchen or bathroom. Consider using materials for cabinets that are recycled or responsibly harvested, like salvaged wood, recycled materials and bamboo. Minimize water waste by installing faucets with less water pressure and low-flow toilets with efficient flushing mechanisms.

Benefit 4: Modernize

If the design of your kitchen and bathrooms evokes memories of the 70s and 80s, consider modernizing your space. Even a visual update can make a big difference, and bring your home into the current decade. Repainting cabinets and walls or upgrading cabinet hardware are all simple ways to update a room. So if replacing outdated bathroom vanities. Other areas that tend to date a home are countertops and floors, so it might be necessary to replace these as well. Upgraded quartz countertops can add value and style, as can durable granite countertops.

Benefit 5: Increase comfort

The right renovation can improve the overall comfort of your bath and kitchen in numerous ways. For example, installing better ventilation could help minimize the heat and odor that is produced in the kitchen when cooking or the steamy bathroom that never seems to dry out completely. Other simple fixes to enhance comfort include replacing door hardware for hard-to-open knobs, installing a larger bathtub or separate shower to accommodate family members of different ages and abilities, or creating easy access in kitchen cabinets with pull-out shelving.

Benefit 6: Improve the value of your home

Home renovations can add value to your home. How much value depends on the extent of the renovations, and how they are perceived by prospective buyers. Visual appeal is an important aspect when selling a home, so small updates can bring large returns in value. It’s also important to note current trends in colors and styles – the more current your home looks, the more appealing it might be and, by extension, the more valuable. As industry professional know, home seekers are attracted to houses that have beautiful kitchens and bathrooms.

My House Kitchen, one of the trusted contractors proving renovation service to Kenilworth, NJ and its surrounding cities, ensures that you will be greatly satisfied with the overall result, effectiveness and efficiency of your bathroom and kitchen after the project is completed.

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