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Getting tired of looking at the same bathroom set up and kitchen cabinets everyday? When you are dissatisfied with your kitchen or bathroom, it seems as if those thoughts of discontentment follow you even outside of your home. But there’s no need to stress out over it. There is so much you can do with your kitchen and bath especially if you live in Livingston, New Jersey. All you need is a little time, direction, and motivation from My House Kitchen, which is conveniently located near Livingston. The variety of choices in custom kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and custom bathroom cabinets you will see are sure to give you just the right dream kitchen and bathroom.

Some styles that are really gaining popularity in the Livingston, NJ area include: Ranch, German Colonial, Greek revival, Grand Anne Victorians, and of course Contemporary style cabinets.


  • If you like life in the outdoors or farm life, ranch-style framework on your cabinets may very well be the best option for you. Dressing your home in designs with nature concepts and resemblances of the animals you would care for on the ranch would give you a sense of feeling like you are headed to the ranch every day.

German Colonial

  • The German Colonial style has roots dating back to when colonizers first settled in America from Germany. This style is a bit classical because the colonizers gained their inspiration from the rulers of their time.

Greek Revival

    • This style speaks for itself. The sole purpose of this style is to revive ancient Greek styles. In the Livingston area, you may see the appearance of Greek revival style where they have wooden pieces that look like marble. Most individuals have started using wood as a less expensive option. It doesn’t hurt to save a buck.

Grand Anne Victorians

    • This style is a combination of the two high-class queens, Queen Victoria and Queen Anne. They were an inspiration to many individuals of their time when it came to decorating homes. Even now, many people are replicating the commonly known style in their homes. Both Queen Victoria and Queen Anne cabinetry cater to the tall columns and high ceilings that homes usually had in relation to the two queens.


    • If you enjoy staying upbeat and always have a desire to check out the latest trends, having a contemporary kitchen and bath would be the best option. Not only will it be the most convenient style that accommodates all the latest upgrades but it will help you keep up with the times. You can rest assured that you will enjoy the new shape and mold options.

While you’re updating your cabinets, don’t forget about the countertops! Upgrading to solid surface countertops like quartz countertops or granite countertops can bring your kitchen and bathroom into the current century. At My House Kitchen you’ll find each of these cabinet and countertop styles showcased in the showrooms along with other gorgeous styles and designs.

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