Getting Started With A Kitchen and Bath Renovation in Madison, NJ

Real estate agents and buyers in and near Madison, New Jersey, know kitchens and bathrooms make the home. Updated kitchens and baths are not only beautiful, they are a significant added value from a real estate perspective. Updated kitchens and baths can be the difference between selling rapidly or sitting on the market for an extended time.

The finished results of home remodels are so fun to think about but may seem daunting as to where to begin, especially when it’s your kitchen or bath. When you think about remodeling these rooms, your head swims thinking of plumbers, drywallers, flooring people, cabinet people, electricians, painters, etc. And if that’s not enough, there are the costs associated with each of these artisans, not to mention the dollars for the materials they need.

Where to start?

Whether concerned about the work or the cost, there are local professionals that can assist you. Your local home improvement stores are able to recommend experts for each of the areas you need. They have an excellent variety of product choices, both in-store and online, that will give you numerous options for your remodel. Many of them offer kitchen and bath designers who are available at no cost to you. When you make an appointment with these experts, bring with you your room dimensions and appliance placement dimensions for the kitchen, and tub/shower, toilet and sink placement for the baths. They will draw each room to scale, assist you with the layout and designs for new bathroom vanities or custom kitchen cabinets, answer questions on time frames, explain what you can expect from your work professionals, and even offer multiple layouts for you to take home and think about.

Just doing this to sell?

If you’re preparing for a move and concerned about the economics of doing an entire renovation, it’s still helpful to meet with a design professional. The home improvement shows recommend changing out hardware and light fixtures, which is a good start. If your countertops are laminate, consider changing them to solid surface like quartz countertops or granite countertops.

However, your best approach is still to meet with a design professional, explain the situation and your intentions to sell the house in the short term. Provide your designer with a rough budget and they will give you some impactful changes that will make a difference. They may suggest changing the bath or kitchen cabinet fronts rather than changing out the entire cabinet. They will point out if you keep your appliances as close to their current location as possible minimizing the amount of time and work you need from a plumber or electrician, you’ll reduce costs. They can also let you know if the doors or fronts of your appliances can be changed out to unify the look or as a less expensive way to get the stainless look.

Regardless whether you want to tackle a rafters-to-studs renovation or if you just want to spruce up the place, the home improvement professionals of My House Kitchen located near Madison, New Jersey are awaiting your visit.

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