Remodeling or Moving in Secaucus, NJ : Which is Easier?

Ever stood in your kitchen or bathroom and wished it was different? Did you wonder if it would be easier to move? Now, we all know moving an entire household is much more of a hassle than renovating a couple of rooms in a home. However, when those rooms are the kitchen and bathroom, it can seem intimidating. In the Secaucus, New Jersey area, you’re in luck because there is My House Kitchen with convenient locations in Paramus and Union, New Jersey.

No-Hassle Perfection

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, what finishes would you like? My House Kitchen offers an interactive dream-site (aka that lets you see a large number of kitchen layouts and finishes together. The interactive part comes in with their “Visualize your kitchen & more” tool. This will easily become your favorite tool when it comes to remodeling! Have you ever gone to a store with your significant other and then stood around arguing while looking at little swatches? It can be frustrating because not all individuals can imagine the final look of a remodeled space; many need to see it.

The My House Kitchen online visualization tool lets you create color and finish combinations all from the comfort of your home, while seeing how your kitchen looks in its new form. This gives you the opportunity to narrow your choices down before coming into the store to see and feel the products. Yes, we know you’ll run your hand over the kitchen cabinet doors and countertops – in fact, we hope you do!

Once you meet with your My House Kitchen designer, they will sit with you and discuss your needs. They will help you to set up your kitchen to create the best workflow, convenient access to the items you use most, and make recommendations that can make being in your kitchen more family-friendly and enjoyable. They will also point out changes that may be more costly if budget is an issue, such as moving plumbing or appliances.

You had to say budget!

My House Kitchen is very respectful of budgets. Your meeting with the designer will provide you with a free estimate and a 3D rendering of your dream kitchen layout. My House Kitchen offers both semi-custom and custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets at wholesale prices to homeowners, contractors and builders located in New York and New Jersey.

They only sell all-wood cabinets, built with a plywood box and solid wood frames and doors. As an added bonus, if you buy both custom kitchen cabinets and countertops from My House Kitchen, you receive free hardware and a stainless steel undermount sink. The countertop choices are impressive in granite countertops, quartz countertops, and marble countertops, and they have great hard-surface flooring choices. To make the deal even sweeter, My House Kitchen offers 6 months, no-interest financing.

What about my bath?

The bath is part of the ‘more’ in “Visualize your kitchen & more” tool. It offers the opportunity to put together color combinations that may not have immediately been on your radar but that you may fall in love with when you see them. Your designer will also help you with your bath layout and price estimate, as well as make some suggestions that are budget-friendly but impactful. For example, many think that tiling a shower is too expensive, and if you could budget it, it would be plain.

Tiling a shower adds a lot of value to the home even with a little pizazz. Instead of a feature wall in the shower, you could add a 4” band of special tile at eye level on all sides of the shower and in place of the backsplash at the vanity to tie the two together. The experts at My House Kitchen will also be able to discuss the pros and cons of different styles of bathroom vanities and each of the material types so that you can make the best selection for you.

For the lucky people of Secaucus, NJ, My House Kitchen is there to take a lot of the hassle out of your kitchen and bath renovations. Call them today to get started!

 Contact us if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to get a Free 3D Design & Quote.

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