Kitchen and Bath Renovation in Springfield, NJ.

Break it Down, So You Don’t!

You’re sitting in your ten-year-old home in Springfield, NJ, and just finished a weekend binge of DIY home improvement shows. You’ve finally decided you’re going to do it! You’re going to renovate your kitchen and bath, and you’re going to do it yourself! That’s one decision down; where do you go from here? Undertaking a remodel is not as hard as you may think. My House Kitchen is here to help and we conveniently located near Springfield, NJ area and are willing and able to assist you as we show you the top designs in our showroom.

Break it Down

When you want to DIY remodel either or both the kitchen and bath, one suggestion is to “break it down”. No, that doesn’t mean you immediately go out and get a sledgehammer and begin demolition. What it does mean is to break down the project. The first step is the plan. Identify a budget and the type of remodel you are going to embrace. You may go for a cosmetic remodel where you’ll leave everything where it is but update fixtures and furnishings. Maybe new quartz countertops are in order, or granite countertops are a nice upgrade, too. If it’s a cosmetic remodel, you can measure everything (twice), write it down with a drawing of where everything is and go straight to quote. Or you may go all out for the blank slate remodel where two of the few things that are staying will be the floor and ceiling (ceiling stays ceiling and floor stays floor).

For the blank slate remodel, we strongly recommend a more complete plan, especially if you are planning to replace cabinets or bathroom vanities. You don’t need blueprints (although not a bad idea), but we do recommend scale drawings. Your Springfield, NJ custom kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets specialists will frequently assist you with this step in combination with step two, the quote. You will want a definitive plan before you go beyond the quote.

Plan, Quote, and….

So you have several quotes, you’ve chosen your materials, you’ve bought a new sledgehammer and you’re ready to go…or maybe not. DIY projects always seem to take more time than we think they will. Sit down with your plan, identify a realistic strategy for you to accomplish each step (recognizing you don’t do this for a living). Decide how long you can live without a kitchen or bathroom, then consider the quote stage again.

Springfield, NJ has many renovation professionals that are very reasonable, can accomplish these tasks far more efficiently, and will let you do the parts that are in your wheelhouse, then take over the unfamiliar tasks. They may also make recommendations regarding the stages in which things can be done that are more time effective and less disruptive to you and your family. Once you’re comfortable you have the materials you need, the family on board, the renovation professionals lined up and the dumpster outside, you’re ready to begin.

Kitchen and bath renovations are very value-added to your home, let your family really maximize enjoyment of the space and it can be fun. Just make sure you mind your P’s and Q’s before you begin. My House Kitchen is here to help. Stop by one of our two New Jersey locations today and start your renovations the right way.

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