Thermo Structured Surfaces

  • Designed and manufactured in Italy
  • 16 modern colors in stock
  • Doors and carcases are carb 2 compliant Extremely durable, fade resistance
  • Looks and feels like real wood
  • Cost saving compared to real wood veneer and reconstituted veneer
  • Environmentally friendly

Lusso Cucina Kitchen Cabinets

LUSSO CUCINA is an international, modern design company based in Milan. At My House Kitchen We are proud to offer this European Kitchen Cabinet line in New Jersey

We design our projects interactively with clients to create the best possible fit for their homes and lives in New Jersey & New York

Whether your goal is a classic backdrop to your day to day life or to live on the cutting edge of modern simplicity and functionality, we are prepared to help you create your own ideal environment for the center of your home.


A beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Design is a highly sought-after commodity in New Jersey.

In fact, this seemingly simple room in our homes is among one of the top factors when it comes to selling a house in NJ.

This is why it is essential that you only consider the best resources when renovating this part of your new jersey home. You want to ensure that you give your kitchen cabinets the treatment it deserves.

At My House Kitchen Cabinets, we believe that quality is what sets us apart from our competitors. We have been in the business of providing the best kitchen cabinets in New Jersey for years now, which is why you can trust us to offer the services that you deserve.