Cabinet Materials: What are they?


A plywood box construction is used for all our cabinets. Our framed cabinets have front frames made of solid wood. All New Jersey kitchen cabinets in our collections feature soft close doors and drawers. Spice pullouts and corner cabinets may not be a soft close. Construction of doors varies depending on style chosen. Construction can include either solid wood, a combination of solid wood & medium density fiberboard (MDF),or a full MDF.


Note: Due to the natural wood construction, joint and trim fracturing (hairline cracks along joints/trims on the front, back or edge of doors) are not considered defective. This can occur from the natural process of contraction and expansion and handling. Cabinets that are painted will show joint cracks more than stained cabinets.


My cabinet doors vary in grain and color! Why?


Grain patterns and colors will differ. Color differences happen because of variations of minerals found in soil. The incorporation of these minerals will vary from tree to tree. Color changes can be expected because of light exposure. All types of wood will display traits including knots, sap runs, pinholes, mineral streaks, and darkening which comes with age. It is part of the natural look of wood. Our selection of cabinets go wonderfully with a NJ granite countertop! The presence of these traits are not considered a defect in manufacturing or material. These natural “flaws” stand to make your new granite countertop or quartz countertop pop!


A decorative feature known as glazing is added to create the look of residual stain left in the grooves and corners of the door. It will have varying color or thickness or color because of the hand application techniques used.


Do the cabinets come assembled?


Yes. Individual NJ kitchen cabinets are delivered already assembled.                              

What are Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) cabinets?

Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) cabinet consists of all parts for a complete cabinet. Contents of the box include:

  • Pre-finished sides, back, bottom, top and front frame
  • Door(s) and door hinges
  • Drawers, drawer faces, drawer boxes and metal drawer glides (if the cabinet has drawers)
  • Finished shelves

They can be assembled with only a screwdriver. We highly recommend using a staple gun to reinforce the side panel joints to the back panel.                                                            

Does My House Kitchen offer doors and cabinets separately?

No. But we do offer decor panels for the exposed sides of base cabinets, pantry, and any exposed sides. This can add a wow factor to your NJ kitchen and bath.       


Are the sides and bottoms of the cabinets finished?

Both the right and left sides of the cabinets are finished. Although the sides are finished, we can only guarantee the finish on the exposed side. Any issues with finish on sides hidden at time of installation will not be qualified for replacement or repair.


The top and bottom of cabinets are not fully finished. This is due to the top and bottom not typically being visible after cabinets are installed.


Do cabinets come with door and drawer handles?


The huge selection of handles we offer makes this an item to suit your individual taste. The handles are purchased separately because of this factor. Handles or knobs, your choice, should be added immediately after the installation of cabinets since drawers are not created to be opened without handles. Drawers of bathroom vanities or kitchens will be strengthened once handles are installed.                                                                    


What type of warranty is offered for cabinet collections?


My Home Kitchen guarantees our cabinetry products, for kitchens and bathroom vanities, are free of manufacturer defects and defects in material and workmanship under normal use. Our warranty is for five (5) years from purchase date. Our offered warranty applies to residential use only at the original site of installation and is non-transferable.


A limited liability warranty does not cover any defect not caused by us. Defects not caused by us include but are not limited to:

  •  Products that have been misused, mishandled, or abused
  •  Improperly stored or installed, modified, or subject to excesses of moisture or extreme temperatures
  •  Abrasive or citrus cleaning products
  • Defective installation or normal wear and tear

Our limited liability warranty will cover the repair or replacement of the defective cabinet or components. We do not cover or include the cost of removal, installation, subsequent damage, or transportation of the reportedly defective product.


Note: this warranty does not apply to products including knobs, pulls, countertops, plumbing fixtures, or appliances.


“Stock cabinets”? Does My House Kitchen only sell stock cabinets?


The term “stock cabinets” is used to describe the fact that the cabinet sizes, door styles, and finishes, are predetermined. We sell both stock and custom kitchen cabinets


What are the standard cabinet depths and how is the depth of a cabinet determined?


The stated depth is the depth of the cabinet box. This does not include the added depth coming from doors and handles.

  • A standard wall cabinet box is 12” deep.
  • A standard kitchen base cabinet box is 24” deep.
  • The typical kitchen countertop depth is 25 ½”.
  • A standard vanity base cabinet box is 21” deep.
  • A standard pantry box or oven cabinet is 24” deep.


Can My House Kitchen modify the depth of stock cabinet sizes?


Yes. We can create modifications to the depth of cabinets already assembled. Contact one of our kitchen and bath designers at myhousekitchen to discuss modification options.

Note: Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) cabinets are not able to be modified


How do I to keep my cabinets clean?


Like any wood furniture, kitchen cabinets should be cleaned or dusted periodically.

  • Wood cabinets should be kept dry by drying up spills immediately
  • Dust cabinets with a pre-moistened or damp cloth. Follow the grain of the wood when dusting — wiping across the grain can cause scratches.
  • Do not use dish towels to clean cabinets as they can contain grease.
  • Wood polishes or mild detergents mixed with warm water may be used for cleaning cabinets. Avoid silicone or wax products.
  • Immediately dry cabinets after cleaning.


My House Kitchen is a leading high-quality cabinet supplier in the New Jersey area. We make it possible for our customers to have brand new kitchen cabinets at a fraction of the cost. Will you be in the Union or Paramus, NJ areas? If so, be sure to stop by and see what we have to offer!

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions and the answers. If you have questions or concerns about our NJ kitchen cabinets that are not listed here, please feel free to contact us.

Can My House Kitchen help with the planning of my kitchen?

The expert team at My House Kitchen offers design assistance that is fully complementary. Please be advised that we rely on measurements that are both written and oral for your New Jersey kitchen cabinets. The buyer confirms the design and final measurements for rooms with the window and door locations, the size of appliances, and the height of the ceiling. It is also the buyer’s responsibility to communicate with the general contractor about where the electrical lines, plumbing lines, and lights will be located in order to adapt your cabinets to your new kitchen. There is a free room measurement guide that is available for download right here on our website for our customers to use.

Are there samples available so we can see the wood and color better?

Yes, My House Kitchen has samples that can be ordered. As with most things on a computer or in photos, it is hard to see the exact color, finish, and grain of the cabinet. The team at My House Kitchen suggests viewing a sample to make sure you receive exactly the products you need. All our NJ kitchen cabinets are high quality and will last for many years to come.

Can my appliances have the built-in look?

If you have purchased a smaller-depth fridge and stove, the built-in look can be achieved. With the reduced depth appliances, the panels of the cabinets do not stick out far enough to cover the sides of the appliances. Your general contractor may have other ideas to help your appliance looked built-in.

Once the order is placed, how long does it take to arrive?

When you place your order with My House Kitchen, the shipment process begins right away. We understand customers do not want a long wait when it comes to receiving their products. We are committed to getting your order out to you as fast as possible.

Is it possible to add a kitchen island with the help of My House Kitchen?

At My House Kitchen, we understand just how important your kitchen island is. Having the room and space to work in the kitchen is vital. Our professional team can help you design the best kitchen island to suit your wants and needs. Granite countertops and quartz countertops are also available.

Will I know when my order is shipped?

The team at My House Kitchen will work closely with you and they will inform you when your order has shipped and any other pertinent information including tracking orders.

Does My House Kitchen offer installation services?

Yes, the team at My House Kitchen does do installations. Our expert team is licensed and insured.

I want my kitchen cabinets all the way to the ceiling, is this possible?

It is possible to have your kitchen cabinets look as though they go all the way to your ceiling with the use of crown molding. Our cabinets are designed to work best with floors that even, but can handle a range of imperfections in the home design. If the area above the cabinets is too wide, you may have to speak with your general contractor to come up with a different plan.




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