Does My House Kitchen help with installation questions?

The team at My House Kitchen is always available to help answer any questions or concerns our customers have. Feel free to call us during business hours at: 908-258-8874 or 201-262-9000.

Does My House Kitchen offer installation services?

Yes, we offer professional installation services for kitchen floor tiles, kitchen cabinets, and kitchen backsplash. Our team is fully licensed and insured.

Should I DIY my cabinet Installation or have My House Kitchen provide installation?

The choice to install your new NJ kitchen cabinets or have them installed is a personal one. There are those who enjoy this type of DIY project while others will not. Rest assured, if you do not want to install your own NJ kitchen and bath vanities our team will take care of it.

We had our kitchen cabinets shipped out to us, will they fit through our doors?

In most cases the cabinets will fit through a standard doorway. If your home has smaller doors, the cabinets can arrive unassembled and then the assembly can take place once the cabinets are through your doorways. If the team at My House Kitchen is providing delivery and installation services, they should be advised of the smaller doorways so that they can plan accordingly.

How long will it take to install my new kitchen cabinets?

Each individual kitchen installation has its own time frame because each project is different. There are variables to consider like the size of the project and how many installers there are available for each project. The team at My House Kitchen is happy to work with you on your NJ kitchen and bath cabinet installation. Our team understands that you are in a hurry to begin using your new kitchen or bathroom.

It usually takes about 1-2 days install your new cabinets, This might  be longer depending to the project .

We ordered an NJ granite countertop how long before we get it delivered?

As soon as we receive your order for the NJ granite countertop, we will begin the process. Our team will make sure that your product is delivered on time and looking great. The professionals here at My House Kitchen will work side by side with you until you receive your new kitchen countertop and are satisfied with it.

It will usually takes about 7-10 days to fabricate and Install your new countertops once the template is made.

How much will my installation fee be?

The price of installation will vary depending on the project. My House Kitchen offers low cost installation fees for all our customers.

Will the installation team work around my work schedule?

The installation team will do their best to accommodate your work schedule. By speaking with our team members, it will be possible to agree on a preferred installation schedule. Our professional team of installers work with our customers to make installation services run smoothly.

I ordered installation of a quartz countertop in my kitchen and I need to reschedule; what should I do?

If an installation appointment needs to be rescheduled, just contact our office as soon as possible. Our installation team will be happy to discuss a date and time that better fits your needs.



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