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Special July Sale

  • Looking to install new Fabuwood kitchen cabinets in NJ? Get started this July with this special deal.
  • Save up to 20% off on New Jersey kitchen cabinets with an extra 5% off for contractors.
  • My House Kitchen has beautiful Fabuwood options to redesign your space! With options like our Natural Fabuwood Shaker cabinets or Fabuwood Nexus Slate, these cabinets are sure to add value to your kitchen.


Package Deals for NJ Kitchen Cabinets and Granite Countertops

  • Starting at $2,923
  • We are offering a great kitchen cabinet and granite countertop package deal that allows you to install a custom granite countertop with new modern or traditional solid wood kitchen cabinets.
  • This deal comes with a free stainless steel sink that is sure to complement your newly-installed countertops and cabinets.
  • We provide over 24 different types of granite to choose from including Uba Tuba, Verde Peacock, Sapphire Blue, and Rosewood.


Your NJ Dream Kitchen in 3 Easy Steps

(1) Measure the Kitchen - Download our free measurement guide, watch the tutorial, or consult the information below.

  • Begin by drawing an outline of your kitchen on a piece of paper. Do not include your current cabinets or furniture that you are getting rid of.
  • Make sure your measurements are in inches.
  • Use symbols to denote doors and windows.
  • Draw in obstructions that will not be moved like pipes, plumbing, and the refrigerator.
  • Begin in the top left corner of your kitchen, and work clockwise around the room. Take measurements for walls, windows, and doors.
  • Measure the ceiling height, in inches, and mark the measurement in the center of your drawing.
  • Label each thing measured as “Window 1” or “Door 3,” and don’t forget to write the name of any neighboring rooms.
  • Take measurements of the obstructions like pipes, plumbing, and refrigerator. Measure from the wall to the obstruction. Denote the height.

(2) Visualize Your Idea with 3D Virtual Designer

  • Visit our website to get a free 3D visualization of your new kitchen, bathroom, or countertop. 
  • Set up an appointment with one of our experts or visit us at our Union or Paramus locations!

(3) Easy Installation

  • We can recommend an expert contractor if you need one! Contact us at 908.2558.8774 at the Union location or 201.262.9000 at the Paramus location.
  • My House Kitchen is eager to work with you and will make sure the installation is finished in a timely manner.

You Will Love the Price!

  • Our kitchen cabinets in NJ are 100% solid wood and are sold by brand, style, and color. You can even customize your own!
  • There are absolutely no hidden fees so the listed price is what you pay! These cabinets are factory direct, and we provide them for you at a discounted price. As your #1 option for NJ kitchen & bath, we guarantee quality cabinets that will transform your kitchen or bath.

Discounted Prices Make Renovation Affordable

  • These kitchen cabinets in NJ are high-quality, elegant, appealing, and affordable. We are a wholesale distributor with brands like Adornus, Fabuwood, CNC, Cubitac, Lusso Cucina, Schrock, and Shiloh! The possibilities are endless with our customizable package.
  • My House Kitchen has the best kitchen cabinet prices in NJ. Don’t believe it? Come see for yourself at one of our great locations in Union or Paramus.
  • We even provide a free estimate!

Get Kitchen Cabinets in NJ from A Company You Can Trust

  • Our kitchen experts are friendly, professional, and ready to work with you to give you the kitchen of your dreams. We will work closely with you and provide a full consultation if you are just getting started.
  • Contact us today for an estimate with absolutely no obligations!
  • When buying cabinets and countertops, you will also receive free handles and knobs to accent your kitchen additions.

#1 Seller of Kitchen Cabinets in NJ

  • No other wholesale retailer beats our competitive prices! We can match a competitor’s price by 10% if you provide a written estimate.
  • Want to see your design in 3D? Access our kitchen, bathroom, and countertop visualizer! Customize your kitchen with a quality granite or quartz countertop. If you need help getting started, contact one of our design professionals.

Beautiful Countertops for Less

  • Granite Countertop - Granite complements any kitchen with a timeless and sleek design. These countertops are durable and completely customizable.
  • Quartz Countertop - These quartz countertops are redesigned stone and add an element of natural beauty to kitchens and bathroom vanities.


Need Help? Start Here!

  • Create a plan. - Make a plan for your kitchen or bathroom renovation before buying. Consider any changes you want to make to your home and identify priorities.
  • Determine your kitchen layout. - Make a floor plan of the kitchen or bathroom designating the doors, windows, and other furniture. Note in the layout any utilities such as pipes.
  • Measure the area. - Take measurements, in inches, of the ceiling height, lengths of the walls, and any furniture or obstructing objects. Determine the location of major appliances and draw them into your kitchen layout.
  • Make a budget. - Determine what you can spend on the design. Consider stock items from off-the-shelf inventory or building a custom piece. Custom designs are usually more expensive.
  • Decide on style, color, and finish. - Are you looking to update your kitchen or a complete renovation? Choose a style that fits your preferences like modern, classic, or transitional.
  • Consult us. - Call, email, or visit us with your plan. We can take it from there! We will assess your design and determine the cost and installation time.
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